A life in drinks: From wine to whisky


Colin Hampden-White ©Henry Matson

Colin Hampden-White ©Henry Matson

As a whisky writer I am very fortunate to be able to taste many different whiskies from all over the world. Not all good, some spectacular. The Spectacular ones tend to make it into print, in eitherWhisky quarterlyWhisky in Poland, or one of the other magazines I write for such as LUX or the Partner. However this leaves an awful lot of whiskies which are still very good, and don’t get a mention which seems hardly fair.

This brings me to revive this blog I set up a few years ago. I’m not going to give lengthy tasting notes, just brief ones along with my general musings on the quality and style of the whisky and why I think they would be good to buy. As always these are my opinions and as we all have different palates, not a definitive guide! But I hope people find them interesting and even slightly helpful in deciding what to buy.

There may be a few musings on trips, events, shows and general fun where whisky has been involved.

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