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Caol Ila Moch

There’s nothing to mock about the Moch

Caol Ila Moch © Colin Hampden-White

Caol Ila Moch © Colin Hampden-White

Bottled at 43% ABV and has no age statement.

The Whisky Exchange wrote “A hugely enjoyable romp throughIslay’s middle ground.” and I absolutely agree with them.

I got a few different things out of the whisky on tasting (as most of us do I think) so here are my thoughts.


Light golden

On the nose:

Sweetness and iodine at first and then the smoke hits you, not too much nicely balanced. Followed by a few dried fruits before becoming tropical, melon and bananas present. left for a few minutes the banana becomes more banoffee  pie and then a little white fruit on the end all mixed in with a gentle hints of peat.

On the palate:

Smoke and peat in spades, but not so much as to unbalance the whisky, followed by sweetness and nice citrus and spice, oranges and limes rather than lemons. On the edges there are notes of heathers and woodland flowers ending on a bit of black truffle.


Primarily smoke and peat again with spice as a constant with waves of citrus. There is nutmeg prevalent in the spice with cinnamon and mace in the background. Not a very long finish, but very even leaving you wanting more!

Caol Ila Moch © Colin Hampden-White

Caol Ila Moch © Colin Hampden-White

To be found through friends of classic malts in theUKlinked to The Whisky Exchange. Great value for a very good and fairly complex whisky.





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  1. Reblogged this on malt whisky 100 and commented:
    Coal ila Moch is a fabulous non age statement peated whisky. The Whisky Events blog has a very comprehensive set of tasting notes and information.

    April 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

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