A life in drinks: From wine to whisky

Paul John first release single cask #P1-161

The first release from Indian whisky producer Paul John, launched at The Whisky Show 2012, a single cask bottled in 2012.Only 150 bottles were available in the UK.

Paul John first release ©Paul John

Paul John first release ©Paul John


Firstly there is tropical sweetness and some bourbon flavours, vanilla and some caramel. A touch of spice and toffee and a little fresh tropical fruit. Great depth for a young whisky, there is a soft peaty blanket over everything.


The palate mimics the nose well, the only difference is the peat which comes through on the front and is a separate entity form the tropical sweetness.

With water:

All the sweet honey flavours and florals come out with water. The whisky becomes lighter and creamier.


Lots of dry herbal and peaty smoke, bits of spice with the sweetness just coming back in before the end. A pretty long finish.

Paul John first release ©Colin Hampden-White

Paul John first release ©Colin Hampden-White

This is a fantastic whisky, not just for its age. If this is where the whiskies from Paul John are starting, then bring on some more. Great price too £60



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