A life in drinks: From wine to whisky

For some serious fun, don’t miss this next year

Jastrebia Gora Whisky Festival

Jastrebia Gora Whisky Festival

There are quite a few whisky festivals around the world. There are few which break from the norm of a big hall or hotel with stalls or maybe a few proper stands. The Whisky Show in London and Dramboree are the two best UK events I can think off.

There is now a serious contender in play and it’s based in Poland. Up on the north coast on the Baltic Sea, Jastrzębia Góraseems an unlikely place for a whisky festival. However about six years ago in this little seaside town Andre Cubic had a brilliant idea; let’s build a whisky house with over 1000 whiskies behind the bar! Dom Whisky was born in Jastrzębia Góra. Six years on and it is now having its 2nd festival.




More on the festival in a certain  publication.  For now I’ll simply say with lots of outdoor space, bands, dancing, bucking broncos, restaurants, a beautiful beach 2 mins walk away with the usual array of masterclasses from top people like Charlie Maclean, John Quin, James Buntin, Hamish Torrie and Rob Allanson. and and goes on until 11pm then this is for you.




With flights to Gdańsk and then only an hours drive away it’s not difficult to get to.

This is a festival which should certainly be on your go to list.

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