A life in drinks: From wine to whisky

Balvenie DCS compendium

Now on the way to the airport to visit Balvenie there’s a moment to reflect on the DCS compendium launched last night at the Wallace Collection in London.

Firstly, the whiskies are wonderful and show through their differing ages and styles a fabulous story whilst keeping that distillery heart of honey, lemon and flowers.


DCS compendium

Beyond the whiskies themselves, there is the concept. 5 whiskies released every year for 5 years. All single casks from different decades. A fabulous journey through the years, flavours and knowledge of David Stewart, the Malt Master at Balvenie. The longest serving malt master in Scotch whisky history at 53 years in the job!

Launched with aplomb, comedy and history it was an event like no other from Balvenie and they did a good job, lets hope they do more!

Details of the whiskies to come shortly…

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