A life in drinks: From wine to whisky

English Whisky Company: St George’s Diamond Jubilee Commemorative whisky.

English Whisky Company:St George’s Diamond Jubilee Commemorative whisky.

St George's Jubilee Whisky © Colin Hampden-White


Very Floral, with a mixture of spring meadow flowers on top of lots of citrus crystalline fruit. There are hints of caramel with high notes of sherbet.


Caramel and sherbet  with a nice edge of boiled citrus sweets giving a nice balance of dry and sweet. The high notes are of heather flowers with hints herbs. Overall the weight is medium with an overall spring feel.


This is a lively and dry whisky, dancing on the palate as it finishes, worthy of celebrating our sprightly Queen’s jubilee with. Crisp and polished.

With under 3000 bottles for the world market, I’m very glad I booked my bottle.

St George's Jubilee Whisky © Colin Hampden-White

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