A life in drinks: From wine to whisky

The English Whisky Company. St Georges Diamond Jubilee Whisky

The English Whisky Company. St George’s Diamond Jubilee whisky.

St Georges Diamond Jubilee Whisky © Colin Hampden-White

Of all the distilleries in the world one would have been very surprised had St George’s not released a whisky for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And it’s priced at a very reasonable £60 as well (Whisky Exchange http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-16794.aspx).As with their previous decanter bottled releases, there is a limited run, this time of only 3,300 bottles.

Well, one has to think about whether this bottling is simply a gimmick, so let’s get to the whisky.

Nose: Firstly, lots of fresh and dried fruit comes forth, marmalade flavours of citrus and apricot. There is an underlying sweetness of boiled sweets and top notes of alpine flowers, bringing a lightness and fragrance to the whisky.

Palate: Harmonious. The dried fruits come through more with the apricots taking centre stage and touches of orange to follow. It is fresh with a slightly herbal edge, mixed with floral notes and moments of honey.

Finish: Quite a long finish, with the fruits subsiding to leave the herbal and floral flavours.

St Georges Diamond Jubilee Whisky © Colin Hampden-White

St Georges Diamond Jubilee Whisky © Colin Hampden-White

The overall complexity for a whisky of such a young age is impressive. The sweetness is nicely balanced with a fresh appeal. A whisky perfect for summer evening drinking (if we ever get a summer here in the UK!).

The whisky coming out of the St George’s distillery seems to go from strength to strength. Their whiskies have lovely differences yet manage to keep an underlying style which is imparting a distinct identity upon the distillery amongst the rest of the field. Well, I did buy a bottle of this and having reminded myself of how much I liked it, I’m off to find another!

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